1) What is the price of a NAATI-accredited translation?
Please send your scanned documents to info@mumbo.com.au or 0433663700, or call one of our translators on 0433663700 to get a precise quote for your translations.
This is the best way of providing our clients with a fast and efficient service.

2) In average, how long does it take to translate a document?
Translations take in average up to 3 working days to be finished and posted, however many times they are sent on the same day.

3) How are translations delivered?
We post printed, stamped and signed translations, with all other required requisites for acceptance by all Authorities in Australia, including education establishments and government agencies, over the mail using Australia Post (in Australia) and CORREIOS (in Brazil) at no extra charge. For next day urgent delivery, Australia Post’s Express Post or Correio’s SEDEX cost an extra $15.

4) Do I need an accredited NAATI translator in Australia?
Most of the time, the answer is yes. If your translation is made for official purposes, such as immigration, visas or education, the translation needs to be done by an accredited professional.
In Australia, your document in a language other than English, such as Portuguese, needs to be translated by an official translator accredited by NAATI (the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters), or by an accredited ‘sworn-in’ translator from Brazil, in order to be valid before any immigration, judicial, administrative and educational authorities. Our translators are the only ones on the planet to be accredited both in Brazil and Australia, giving our clients the highest possible range of acceptance to their translations.
Therefore, in Australia, you need a translation done by a translator accredited by NAATI for the following:

  • Documents for immigration purposes, such as: student visas, permanent or temporary visas, tourist visas, employer sponsored visas, Australian citizenship, etc., which commonly include certificates (birth, marriage, police), bank statements, personal documents (identity cards, driver licenses), academic diplomas, professional reference letters, legal documents, personal letters and electricity bills, among others. In short, a translator accredited by NAATI must translate any documents that need to be in your immigration or visa application and are in Portuguese.
  • Documents for educational purposes, such as documents for entry into universities, TAFEs and primary and high schools. Common documents are diplomas, academic transcripts, academic programs and reference letters.
  • Documents for legal purposes, such as litigation documentation in any Australian Courts and migration and visa reviews with the Immigration Tribunal. A NAATI-accredited translator must translate any documents in Portuguese into English before they can be presented in Court.
  • Professional documents for professional requalification and recognition before professional regulatory bodies. This type of documents are needed, for example, when an engineer trained abroad in Portuguese wants to work as an engineer in Australia, so before any documents in Portuguese can be sent to Engineers Australia to be evaluated and recognised, there has to be a translation into English done by an accredited translator. The same applies to other professions, such as accounting, medicine, architecture and so forth.
  • Any other documents where the public or private authority requires an official translation made by a NAATI-accredited translator.

Non-permanent residents of Australia (such as persons on a tourist visa) can drive in Australia using their driver license from their country of origin, with an official translation made by a NAATI-accredited translator.
Permanent residents of Australia can still drive with their overseas license, with an official translation made by a NAATI-accredited translator in the first 3 months of their visas. After that they must have an Australian driver license. In this specific case, the RMS (formerly the RTA) demands that translation has to be done by the NSW Community Relations Commission For a Multi-Cultural NSW. Thus, uniquely in this case, we can’t help you with your official translation. Please click for more information.

Finally, there are translations that do not require accredited translators as they are not meant for ‘official’ use, such as resumes or website contents. That said, we can still help you by bringing the highest standard of translations in the market to you, even if you are not required to use an accredited translator. Please note that we offer resume translations, while at the same time adapting the resumes to Australian professional standards.

If you have any doubts concerning the need for accredited translations, please contact us at info@mumbo.com.au or the entity requiring the translations for further information.

5) How is the payment done?

Payments are done through bank deposits or online transfers, using our Australian bank account:

Bankwest – Manly branch
BSB: 302 185
Account number: 0026274
Account name: Mumbo Jumbo Translations
Please identity the deposit with your name and email the receipt to info@mumbo.com.au

If you prefer to pay in Brazil, we use the Brazilian Central Bank’s daily conversion rate from Australian dollars to Brazilian reals, and our Brazilian bank account is the following:
Bank: Banco do Brasil
Branch (Agencia): 3510-6
Account (Conta) 28611-7
Account holders (Titulares): Cristine Domingues Janz and Fabricio Bettega Nascimento
Cristine Domingues Janz’s CPF number: 021534119-80
Fabrício Bettega Nascimento’s CPF number: 7154531298-07
Please identity the deposit with your name and email the receipt to info@mumbo.com.au 

6) Do I have to be in the same city or anywhere near the accredited translators?
No, you don’t. NAATI-accredited translations are valid throughout Australia, and we have clients in all Australian states. It is important to note that it is not mandatory to use a translator near you. With our system, it makes no difference if you are on the next beach or on the other side of the country – or indeed the globe. Payment is done through bank deposit or online transfer and the translations are then posted straight to your preferred address.

Australia Post delivers mail in one or two days from a capital to another (for example: from Sydney to Melbourne). For precise delivery times, please click here  or send us your query.

7) Why translate with Mumbo Translations?

Mumbo Translations is a family company formed by the experienced accredited translators Cristine Janz and Fabricio Bettega, proudly bringing you official Portuguese translations and interpreting for more than a decade.

We provide low prices, fast delivery and the best customer service on offer. Our translations are accurate and made to the highest standard. We are the only translators in the world to become accredited both in Australia and in Brazil.

We know quite well the path of the students and migrants in Australia and we know how to add value to your translation to help you get the best possible result. We came to Australia as part of the Skilled Migration Program as NAATI translators, having made all our immigration process on our own, from Australian residency to citizenship. We also went through the processes of sending documentation for admission and transfer of credits with Australian faculties and universities, and also to requalify professionally as an English teacher.

Finally, we have great knowledge of student affairs in Australia, as Cristine Janz is an English teacher in Sydney and Fabricio Bettega has worked with international students for years at the University of Sydney, where he received and analyzed applications and supporting documentation for entry into the university, among other relevant duties. This helps us understand what you need and must have on your translation. We strive to answer any doubts you might have in this area.
We enjoy helping our clients, and within our abilities we answer any doubts they might have regarding visas, studying and Australia in general. With Mumbo, you’ll always deal directly with your translator.
We love what we do, and we take pride on doing it right.
For all the reasons above, and because we go the extra mile constantly, we guarantee the provision of superior services.

8) I need an extra copy of a translation you have already done. Do you keep translations filed?

We strive to file all our translations so when another copy is necessary we are able to provide it at a reasonable fee. Normally, all translations made since 2006 by us should have safe copies in our hard drives.